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Juju is your multi-use crystal companion!

Have it with you as a bracelet & remove it to utilize as a toy or a pendulum.

The stones are free to move so it can transformed in a variety of ways:
⚪️〰️⚪️ - Beads separated to be used as a begleri (Greek skill toy)
⚪️⚪️〰☝️ - Beads together to swing as Longshot (fidget/skil toy)
🔔 - Beads together to hang as a pendulum
🤲 - Back to bracelet whenever done!

Great for:
▪️ Relaxing
▪️ Stress relief
▪️ Finger dexterity
▪️ Fidgeting
▪️ Meditation

We use genuine semiprecious crystals: lapis lazuli, tiger eye, onyx, green & blue aventurine, rose & cherry quartz. All these gemstones have their own particularity & ones might resonate with you more than others. Feel free to do a little research on the metaphysical properties of these precious minerals.

🌙  Moonstone is said to protect sailors and travelers at sea. It activates intuition and is used to help embody the goddess and ergo is beneficial to the reproductive system. Like the moon, the stone is reflective and reminds you that everything is part of a cycle of change. Said to be more potent during full moon is encourages lucid dreaming and traditionally has been used to enhance metaphysical abilities and to develop clairvoyance. It is filled with receptive, passive, feminine energy which helps balance the male-female energies. Rainbow moonstone carry the same properties as moonstone but in addition helps you see the unseen, read symbols and synchronicities intuitively, and open yourself to spiritual gifts.

Juju is a creation from Bonsai and Cacti. It connects our love of skill toys & crystals in a multi-use product. Curious for more? Check out our store.

We have tutorials of Juju on our Youtube channel!


▪️The rainbow moonstone used is Indian AA grade with an average Mohs hardness of 6. Based on this hardness it’ll withstand hits but try and avoid playing above hard surfaces for it may break. If it does please message us!
▪️When Juju is used as a begleri all mid cords are around 5.75”. If you’d like a different length send us a message or add in your order notes. The play as a begleri is quite different since the microparacord used is very slim. For experienced begleri players a sort of finesse needs to be developed to play adequately.
▪️With each purchase we include info on Juju & a handmade origami.

Keep your hands busy & your crystals close.


Customer Reviews

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Excellent customer service!!!

First off, my rainbow juju broke. I think it was just a defect in the bead as it broke the first day. However once I contacted customer service they quickly responded and sent me a replacement. They were extremely helpful throughout the whole process and I cannot rave enough about Bonsai and Cacti.

On the side of the juju despite the bead breaking I was able to cobble it back together with glue and it has remained intact so far (hence why I think it was just a defect in that one bead). The flash in the beads is very pretty and it is satisfying to swing about. The beads don't move freely on the cord like the larger 2-bead juju does so it has a different feel.

While I was bummed about the original juju breaking the customer service was top notch and I am very satisfied with my experience.

Sweet personal touch

Adorable origami and personal note included! Really sweet personal touch. The toy list and tutorials are helpful as well!

Best fidget bracelet

Love this little fidget bracelet! Thanks!