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Juju is your multi-use crystal companion!

Have it with you as a bracelet & remove it to utilize as a toy or a pendulum.

The stones are free to move so it can transformed in a variety of ways:

⚪️〰️⚪️ - Beads separated to be used as a begleri (Greek skill toy)

⚪️⚪️〰☝️ - Beads together to swing as Longshot (fidget/skil toy)

🔔 - Beads together to hang as a pendulum

🤲 - Back to bracelet whenever done!

Great for:

▪️ Relaxing

▪️ Stress relief

▪️ Finger dexterity

▪️ Fidgeting

▪️ Meditation

We use genuine semiprecious crystals: lapis lazuli, tiger eye, onyx, green & blue aventurine, rose & cherry quartz. All these gemstones have their own particularity & ones might resonate with you more than others. Feel free to do a little research on the metaphysical properties of these precious minerals.

Blue tiger eye is known for it’s calming and stress-releasing properties. It assists the overanxious, quick-tempered and those suffering from phobias. It’s also beneficial for metabolic healing, perception, emotional balance and internal conflicts.

Juju is a creation from Bonsai and Cacti. It connects our love of skill toys & crystals in a multi-use product. Curious for more? We have tutorials of Juju on our Youtube channel!

▪️The stones we’ve chosen rate between a 5-7 in Mohs Scale of Hardness (lapis being the softest). If the minerals take a hard hit the crystal can break so we suggest caution in where you play. If by any chance they break please message us!
▪️If you’d like two different stones in one Juju please specify in order notes or send us a message.
▪️When Juju is used as a begleri all mid cords are around 5.5”. If you’d like a different length be sure to specify in the options before buying. The play as a begleri is quite different since the microparacord is very slim. For experienced begleri players a sort of finesse needs to be developed to play adequately.
▪️With each purchase we include info on Juju & a handmade origami.

Keep your hands busy & your crystals close.


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High quality beads

The beads are a very high quality- I was not expecting that! My daughter who likes doing something with her hands during homework loves it