A Closer Look Into Our Magical Crystals

A Closer Look Into Our Magical Crystals

Here in Bonsai and Cacti we're fascinated by crystals! They're so mindblowingly unique and beautiful that it makes it impossible to ignore the wonders of energy, matter, and the combination of both.  Everything we are and see is composed of innumerable particles with a particular vibration and array.  Crystals are formed by certain minerals that bond in specific ways to create a structure, or an internal lattice.  Depending on its nature, a crystal can absorb, conserve, focus, and emit energy.  Making them a good tool for channeling, cleansing, and amplifying specific energies.

We like to use our crystals in a more playful way.  You'll usually see us wearing one of our Tactile Necklaces with some of our favorite gemstones in them or getting our hands busy with a Crystal Roller.  A customer favorite and certainly ours too, the Juju, is one of the most versatile of our toy catalogue, with the added feature that can also be worn as a bracelet.

In this post you'll find a brief description of the principal gemstones that we like to use in our workshop.  Our crystal toys and accessories are customizable so feel free to get in touch with us for a personalized piece made with the stones that resonate with you the most!


Rose Quartz

Considered a high vibration stone, it brings unconditional love and infinite peace.  It's one of the most important crystals for healing the heart and the heart chakra.  Acting as an emotional healer, rose quartz draws off negative energy and helps soothe agitation and anxiety.  

Cherry Quartz

Cherry quartz is created using natural reconstituted quartz and cinnabar.  It helps promote a healthy balance to keep you centered and grounded.  

Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is a powerful stone of high vibration that draws spiritual energies to earth.  It facilitates assertion and anchoring change into the physical body.  It deals with issues of self worth, self criticism, and blocked creativity.


A very positive stone that guards against metaphysical vampirism of heart energy.  Brings together the intellectual and emotional bodies.  It stabilizes one state of mind and helps recognize new alternatives and possibilities.  

Green Aventurine

Carries the generic properties of aventurine.  This stone acts as a comforter, all around healer, and general harmonizer, bringing well being and emotional calm.

Blue Aventurine

Carries the generic properties of aventurine and acts as a powerful mental healer that supports male shamanic energies and enhances the masculine side of men or women, increasing vitality and positivism.  

Lapis Lazuli

Another high vibration stone, lapis lazuli enhances dreamwork and metaphysical abilities, facilitates spiritual journeying, and stimulates personal power.  Its a powerful thought amplifier that stimulates higher mental faculties and encourages creativity.  


Onyx is a protective stone that helps absorb and soften emotional intensity and is beneficial for making wise decisions. This stone supports banishing old unwanted habits of the past while taking you forward to view the future you want to create for yourself. Sit mindfully with onyx and see how creative resolutions to problems come to you.


Labradorite is a stone of transformation.  It prepares the body and soul for the ascension process, raises consciousness, and deflects unwanted energies from the aura.  With this stone, analysis and rationality are balanced with inner sight.  Keep it as a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance.

Rainbow Moonstone

This stone acts as a connector to your overall purpose.  It helps you see the unseen, read symbols and synchronicities intuitively, and open yourself to your own spiritual gifts.  


Helps to release grief from the emotional body and creates emotional balance.  Supports self determination by combining intellectual and intuitive energies.


Sodalite opens the spiritual perception by helping bring the higher mind down to the physical.  Stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands and helps deepen meditation.  Releases mental conditioning and rigid beliefs, creating space to put new insights into practice.


A high energy stabilizing stone, carnelian anchors the present reality and restores vitality.  Carnelian has the ability to cleanse other stones.


This stone encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom.  Opens  multidimensional awareness and enhances metaphysical abilities.  It helps purify the aura by harmonizing the subtle bodies.


Aids quick thinking, promotes organizational abilities and seeing projects through.  Stimulates imagination and helps bring forth the materialization of ideas into action.  

We want to emphasize that despite the properties attributed to each crystal, nothing is better than your own intuition and nothing is stronger than your own beliefs.  We encourage you to pay attention to your gut at the time of selecting your crystals and let that be your ultimate reference.

So now that you know which gemstones you'd like, which Crystal Roller you're getting? Find it here.

Stay flowy,





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