Q - Is your operation affected by COVID-19?
A - Our store is running relatively unaffected by the current situation. USPS has lost very few packages during this time but if that happens we’ll happily send you a replacement.
Q - Do you make all of these products by hand?
A - We make many of our products from begleri, Longshot, Boli, knuckleroller, Juju, Mini Nuns and Tactile Necklace. All other products are made from various companies around the world and we simply carry them in our inventory.

Q - Do you work custom orders?
A - Yes! We love catering to specific requests. You can either order your products using the “Custom” variant and write a message of your specifics on check out notes or write us through our contact form or thru the message bubble on the lower right of the screen.

Q - Do you sell wholesale?
A - We do but only of our creations
begleri knuckleroller Longshot Boli JujuMini Nuns and  Tactile Necklace. Just contact us through here.

Q - Where are you based?
A - We are based from the flowy island of Puerto Rico.

Q - Is there a Bonsai and Cacti store I can visit?
A - At the moment we only sell online and in various events but you can find our products in various stores in Puerto Rico from Mozaik (San Juan), The Makers (Caguas), and Bambola (San Juan).

Toy questions/recommendations:
Q - Which toys do you recommend for developing hand-eye coordination and depth perception?
A - Kendama, Kururin and
Boli are great for this!

Q - How about for stress-relief?
A - Many of our products are great for stress-relief but it depends on your temperament. Some people find the process of playing kendama to be great for getting rid of anxiety while others might find it frustrating. Our top recommendations are 
Boli knuckleroller, Cubebots and  Tactile Necklace. To see the entire list click here.

Q - How do I learn new tricks?
A - These toys are all about exploration and creativity but if you want a few basics we’ve created video tutorials for Longshot, Boli and Juju and also have a Youtube channel where we have a list of curated tutorial playlists for begleri, kendama, Kururin and knuckleroller.

Q - What materials do you use?
A - We use high quality paracord, chrome steel bearing balls and stainless steel wire to make most of our products. The
kendamaKururin Cubebots and Wooden Animals are all made from various kinds of wood. You can find more detailed information of all products in their respective product pages.

Q - Do you have any products for kids?
A - For kids we recommend 
Cubebots and the  Wooden Animals. Most other toys because of their nature might not be suitable for kids. We recommend ages 7+ and parental supervision during the learning process.

Extra Sauz:
Q - What does “Stay flowy” stand for?
A - We believe life should be an awesome experience full of joyous and playful moments. Stay Flowy is our reminder that as long as you go with the flow everything will flow with you. Read more in our About page.

Q - What if my question wasn’t answered here?
A - We’ll be happy to answer any question you might have! Feel free to use our
contact form or click the message bubble to the right to chat with us.