Bonsai and Cacti is a combination of worlds, an exploration of the infinite creativity that is enclosed in every soul through improvisation and play.

Be Bonsai

Along the journey comes a set of skills that get nurtured with patience, detail, and dedication, as you would nurture a bonsai.

Be Cacti

These practices work on your patience and determination giving you the endurance of the cacti.


We invite you to see our world and hope you flow alongside us.

Stay flowy,



Is in his early 30s. Musician, skill/flow toy enthusiast, crafter and teacher. A meticulous, intuitive and creative person with many hobbies who aims to connect all his interests thru adaptive improvisation. With formal studies in music and informal (internet) studies in crafting, cooking, performance and many more things he aims to share his interest in a variety of fun and absorbing ways.

Skill toys, music, meditating, working and creating are the things he chooses to do in the time he creates for himself.


Is in her mid 20's and has a variety of projects.  Skilltoy enthusiast, specially begleri and kendama.  Loves to read and listen to all kinds of music. Apart from her work in Bonsai and Cacti, she recently started a blog called Registro Cotidiano, in which she integrates short writings with drawings.  She also has a segment called "Tranqui en la mañana" that runs daily from 10am to 11am (GMT-4) on an online radio called Radio Santurce.



Sini Rafa