Chill Pack | Toy Bundle for Relaxing ft. Boli Longshot Knuckleroller

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The chill pack combines three toys that are great for dealing with stress. It comes with:
2 Bolis + 1 Longshot + 1 Knuckleroller.
All of these toys are for the hands and fingers and each are made using different sizes of steel balls and paracord but each have their peculiarity.
Bolis are small but heavy balls which can be rotated in the hand like Chinese meditation balls, used for juggling and even massage.
Longshot is a skill toy derived from the Greek toy begleri. It has a loop where you can anchor your finger and spin it around while wrapping on different fingers and even switching the loop to different fingers while it goes.
Knuckleroller is an iteration of the Knucklebone. Skill toy to pass around your fingers. This is the most discrete toy since when dropped makes no sound.

These three toys are great for developing finger mobility and dexterity which helps for improving in all type of musical instruments from guitar, piano, flute, etc. They also help with blood circulation to the fingertips which might be beneficial for people with RSI (Repetitive strain injury), arthritis and carpal tunnel.

More than anything these toys are meant to help you deal with stress in a playful way. Small enough to carry in your pockets and have access to a stress-releasing tool anywhere you go.

We also have tutorials for all the toys at our Youtube channel:

We have the packs themed in particular colors but if you'd like to combine the colors feel free to send us a massage and we'll be happy to accommodate your request.

Customer Reviews

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Mateo Chavez
Major Satisfaction

I love these toys. The texture, weight and vibrant colors make for a great time.

Showman David
play pack

these people rock and I love their products. I'm always playing with my beard and these are a good way to get myself distracted

Fast shipping

Very nicely made and it arrived wicked fast!