Gemstone Spinner Fidget Toy and Amulet

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Channel your energy, tune in to the present and find some balance with the Gemstone Spinner.

✨ Highlights ✨

▪️ Handmade, sturdy and small enough to carry around with you and make the play inconspicuous.

▪️ Spin the beads around for a nice sound and satisfying motion.

▪️ Better your finger coordination by passing it around your fingers.

▪️ Carry around your spinner to keep the properties of the stones close by.

Made with genuine semiprecious gemstones, the Gemstone Spinner features two outer stones of your choice and a mahogany obsidian bead in the middle encased by a circular hollow hematite. To play, just pass it across your fingers or spin the beads. Pinch the center bead between your index and thumb and rub against each other for an added tactile sensation.


•The overall size of the roller is around 2.5”. This might vary slightly since we make them all by hand.

•The stones we’ve chosen rate between a 5-7 in Mohs Scale of Hardness (Lapiz being the softest). If the minerals take a hard hit the crystal can break so we suggest you be cautious with where you play with it. If by any chance they break please message us!

•The stainless steel wire used is pretty strong but can be bent if forced. If it does, just bend it back to recover the spin of your spinner.

Keep your mind at ease and your crystals close.

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Anxious daughter satisfied

Super fast shipping. It spins really well. My anxious daughter uses it to occupy her hands. Very satisfied.