Crystal Caterpillar Finger Fidget Toy for Stimming

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Do you find yourself unable to keep still? Do you sit down to read or study and catch yourself reading the same paragraph over and over?
Perhaps our Crystal Caterpillar can help you!

Channel your excess energy and boost your concentration by doing repetitive motions with a stim toy. The Crystal Caterpillar is a flexible small fidget toy made with genuine semiprecious gemstones, stainless steel spacers with a paracord core. Its flexibility, weight and different textures make fidgeting with this toy a satisfying sensory experience. Pass it across your fingers as a knucklebone, pinch the spacers and roll them between your fingers for tactile stimulation. Its loose structure contorts to the shape of your fingers when passing it between them giving you a better feel of its weight.

The gemstones are customizable so please choose a combination that resona tes with you!


•Handmade and small enough to carry around with you and fidget inconspicuously.

•Fidget your way to focus and balance by passing it across your fingers.

•Carry it around to keep the properties of the stones close by.


•Please note the size of the Caterpillar (see picture above). Its overall size is around 2”. This might vary slightly since we make them all by hand. If you'd like a different size, sends us a message and we'd be happy to work with you.

•The stones we’ve chosen rate between a 5-7 in Mohs Scale of Hardness (Lapiz being the softest). If the minerals take a hard hit the crystal can break so we suggest you be cautious with where you play with it. If by any chance they break please message us!

•If you’d like to combine more than one gemstone in a crystal caterpillar simply send us a message and we’d be happy to make you a custom roller that suits your liking.

Keep your hands busy and your mind at ease!

Sensory Toy For Boosting Concentration

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Loved them both so much! They have been a great aid :)