Juju Crystal Multi Toy | Begleri Longshot Bracelet Pendulum

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Juju is your multi-use crystal companion!

Have it with you as a bracelet and remove it to utilize as a toy or a pendulum.

The stones are free to move so it can transformed in a variety of ways:
⚪️〰️⚪️ - Beads separated to be used as a begleri (Greek skill toy)
⚪️⚪️〰☝️ - Beads together to swing as Longshot (fidget/skil toy)
🔔 - Beads together to hang as a pendulum
🤲 - Back to bracelet whenever done!

Great for:
▪️ Relaxing
▪️ Stress relief
▪️ Finger dexterity
▪️ Fidgeting
▪️ Meditation

We use genuine semiprecious crystals: lapis lazuli, tiger eye, onyx, green & blue aventurine, rose & cherry quartz. All these gemstones have their own particularity & ones might resonate with you more than others. Feel free to do a little research on the metaphysical properties of these precious minerals.


▪️The stones we’ve chosen rate between a 5-7 in Mohs Scale of Hardness (Lapiz being the softest). If the minerals take a hard hit the crystal can break so we suggest caution in where you play. If by any chance they break please message us!
▪️If you’d like two different stones in one Juju please specify in order notes or send us a message.
▪️Begleri and bracelet size: When Juju is used as a begleri the midcord length between the beads is around 5.5” this makes the bracelet size 7”. The length of the string affects both the bracelet size and begleri midcord. If you’d like a different length for begleri or bracelet size be sure to specify in the notes when buying.
The play as a begleri is quite different since the microparacord is very slim. For experienced begleri players a sort of finesse needs to be developed to play adequately.
▪️With each purchase we include a pouch, info on Juju with links to tutorials & a handmade origami.
Keep your hands busy & your crystals close.

Customer Reviews

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Vicky M. Napier
Order 3811

I love the beglari however I was quite sad that I received the green aventurine but I had ordered the lapis lazuli. I wish I had gotten the correct stone bc the lapis lazuli is important to me.

Great quality

The crystal is great quality! Love the tigers eye.


Very fun little fidget toy. I can’t stop playing with it. Shipping was very fast.


cute lil bracelet toy, feels super smooth and comfortable on my wrist and I love them

Nice weight

I love how this looks and feels! The beads are a nice size and have a nice weight to them, and the item came right on time! My only problem is that I wish the cord was just a few inches longer, but other than that it is perfect!