Lava Stone Crystal Roller | Gemstone Fidget Toy with Lava Stone for Aromatherapy

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This discreet lava stone diffuser spinner toy is the perfect size to carry in your pocket and keep you company throughout your day.

Pass it across your fingers or simply spin the beads to engage in a stimulating repetitive motion that will ground your mind and bring you calm whenever you need.

It's equipped with two lava stones in the middle so you can infuse them with your favorite essential oil for an added aromatherapy benefit.

**IMPORTANT: Apply your desired amount of essential oil to the lava stones and let it absorb for a few minutes before using. You can also use a cloth or a napkin to wipe off the excess oil.**


▪️Handmade, sturdy and small enough to carry around with you and make the play inconspicuous.

▪️Better your finger coordination by passing it around your fingers.

▪️Spin the beads around for a nice sound and satisfying motion.

▪️Carry around your roller to keep the metaphysical properties of the stones close by.

We make Crystal Rollers with genuine semiprecious gemstones, a stainless steel spacer in the middle and stainless steel wire.

The outer stones are customizable so please choose the ones that you like the most! This roller comes with two (2) default black lava stones in the middle.

It can be used as a knuckleroller or knucklebone to pass around your fingers and each of the individual gemstones also spin around which gives it a kinda spinner feeling to it. 

Passing it across all your fingers is great for:

  • ✋ 💪 Finger strength and coordination
  • 🩸🤚Blood circulation to your fingertips  
  • 🎶 Great warm up exercise for musicians.  


There are many tutorials online of how to play with knuckleroller and knucklebone but don’t forget to improvise your own though.

We’ve had many customers dealing with ADHD, OCD, anxiety and body repetitive related disorders mention the benefits they’ve received thru these crystal products. Perhaps they can help you too!


▪️The overall size of the roller is around 2.5”. This might vary slightly since we make them all by hand.

▪️The stones we’ve chosen rate between a 5-7 in Mohs Scale of Hardness (Lapiz being the softest). If the minerals take a hard hit the crystal can break so we suggest you be cautious with where you play with it. If by any chance they break please message us!

▪️If you’d like to combine more than one gemstone in a crystal roller simply send us a message and we’d be happy to make you a custom roller that suits your liking.

▪️The stainless steel wire used is pretty strong but can be bent if forced. If it does just bend it back to recover the spin of your roller.

Keep your hands busy and your mind at ease.

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