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If you like to keep your hands busy wherever you go there's nothing like having a necklace that has moving parts to it. Add genuine semiprecious crystals to the mix and you got yourself the perfect amulet!

Tactile necklaces have a simple design ⛩ with multiple functions 🧮:

▪️ Two round gemstones make up the base of the pendant and spin around freely. 🔄
▪️ Two half moon hematites sit on top and also spin and may be separated or let to collapse on themselves. 🌜🌛
▪️ The wire used is made out of stainless steel to give the structure a strong foundation. 🌉
▪️ The necklace is made of microparacord 🧶 (really strong!) and features moveable knots which can be used to adjust the length.

◽️ Super inconspicuous play
〽️ Stress reliever
🧘 Great for meditation!

Keep your hands busy and your crystals close.

▪️ Choose one (1) lower crystal for the base of the pendant and one (1) upper crystal for the one sitting on top

▪️ All necklaces are made to order and one of a kind so yours may vary slightly from pictures.
▪️ The length of the structure is around 2.5” though all will vary slightly since they’re made by hand.
▪️ The stainless steel wire used is pretty strong but can be bent if forced. If it does just bend it back to recover the spin of the stones. If you can’t seem to fix it send us a message!

Stay flowy,

Key features:
▪️ Handmade with real semi precious gemstones and stainless steel wire.
▪️ All crystals spin for a nice and satisfying motion.
▪️ Great support for hair and skin picking disorder, OCD, concentration and stress relief.
▪️ Inconspicuous spinner hanging by your neck.

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