Boli | Steel Paracord Baoding Balls | Meditation and Massage Balls

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Just roll with it!

Bolis are small but heavy balls made out of steel bearing balls wrapped in paracord. They’re a great size to rest two or three on your hand to orbit them around each other. They’re also great as a massage ball to work on your traps, back, feet, hands, trigger points, etc.

Super versatile - Easy to carry - Solid company

We recommend buying two to practice orbiting or juggling and getting deeper into your stretch!

What can you do with a pair of Bolis?

  • 🧘 - Use as meditation balls
  • 🤹‍♀️ - Practice juggling
  • 🏈 - Practice catching
  • 🧖‍♂️ - Use as massage tool
  • 📥 - General desk fidget
  • 🛏 - Great as a stress relief tool
  • 🏄 - Stack them un top of each other as a balance practice
  • 🦶 - Lay them on the floor and step on them (trust us)
  • 🪢 - Work on trigger points and knots

    • Each Boli weighs around 2.7oz and measures 1.5 inches (3.81cm).
      As a comparison a tennis ball weighs 2.04oz and measures 2.70 inches (6.86cm). Small but heavy!
    • The core used for Boli are made of chrome steel.
    • We do our best to show the colors as faithful as they are but note that different monitors might affect the colors
    ***Not recommended for kids***
    We recommend buying two to enjoy the various ways of play.

    May they bring you calm and present moments.


    Check out our Tutorials playlist on our YouTube channel to learn new tricks! 

    If you're unsure if this is the toy for you head on to our Toy Guide for more information.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Great for relieving stress

    The boli and knuckleroller have great weight to them. All of these toys help me relieve work stress, focus my extra energy and be able to get to sleep.

    Awesome product!

    Awesome product! I love making paracord things but I could never have made the ends of the paracord as clean as this.

    Great company to deal with!

    The company was so great to deal with. I accidentally only ordered one and they notified me and helped me out right away (as you would usually want two baoding balls). Well made item and shipped beautifully.

    Good quality

    good quality paracord baoding ball

    Fast shipping

    Very nicely made and it arrived wicked fast!