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Having a toy that helps you improve finger dexterity while it relaxes you is a pleasure.

Straight out of the B+C playground comes the Longshot. A simple stringed toy composed of a monkeyfist knot in one end and a loop in the other.

It can be played by inserting a finger through the loop and spinning it. The middle cord can be wrapped and rebound between the other fingers in a variety of ways.

This toy is awesome to get the fundamentals of begleri down.  Helps develop finger dexterity and promotes blood circulation to the hands.  

Note: Colors may vary slightly from pictures.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kade Hiestand
Very happy with the purchase.

An interesting shift from Begleri, am enjoying learning what I can do with it. Very good quality.

Jeramey Sattler
Fun little thing

I like this a lot, I just wish that I could adjust the length of the string so I can make it hit my palm instead of the side of my hand.

Mordecai Brown
A fave fidget toy!

I wasn't sure how I'd feel using it, but it felt very natural to play with! I even had my brother who is autistic play with it and he had a blast swinging it around too doing tricks. I still need practice on some tricks that he did, but I love using it when I need something to focus on or a break from schoolwork.


Great different kind of begleri!

High quality

Came super quickly, and seems really high quality :)