Begleri Skill Toy | Paracord and Steel Monkeyfist

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Make your hands ninjas! ✋🥷 

Begleri sets you on your path to better your finger coordination, dexterity and flexibility. Let the play take you into a focused flow state as you journey on the never-ending path of self-improvement.


Why would I play with this?

  • Learn hundreds of tricks with endless variations while you better your finger skills. 
  • Get into the flow state by vibing with what you’re doing consciously. 
  • Fidget your way to mindfulness. 
  • Blow off steam and let the bad vibe go by spinning it to your desired speed. 



The begleri is a toy derived from the Greek rosary or komboloi.

 To start playing simply grab one of the ends, place it between your fingers and spin it towards or away from you. Try to grab the other end with another grip (between two other fingers) and continue to practice this movement to get a better feel of the toy. There are many tricks you can learn that vary from easy to complex, offering countless challenges to have fun with. You can find many tutorials on Youtube.  



  • The length of the string between the two ends is customizable. As a standard we make the midcord 5.5” but you can customize this to your liking. We recommend you use a ruler to verify the length between the top of your index finger to the bottom of your pinky finger while you have your fingers spread apart. If you don't specify a size we'll send it 5.5”.
  • Each begleri weighs around .85oz (24g) in total. The steel balls used for each end is made of chrome steel with a diameter of ½” (1.27cm). The monkeyfist knot makes each end around 0.83” (2.10cm).
  • We do our best to show the colors as faithful as they are but note that different monitors might affect the colors. If we run out of the specific color you choose we might exchange the paracord to a similar color. 


May it bring you joy and playful moments.

Check out our Tutorials playlist on our YouTube channel to learn specific tricks! Don't forget to improvise your own though. 

If you're unsure if this is the toy for you head on to our Toy Guide for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sean Parks
Excellent quality

I am just getting into begleri but this one is put together with care and quality. I will be ordering another one soon. One thing that I would definitely recommend is measuring your hand to get the proper size.

Amanda Bustamante

Begleri Skill Toy | Paracord and Steel Monkeyfist

Fantastic fidgit

Exactly what I wanted!! Super high quality and a fantastic fidgit!

Measure first!

This fits my hand well. I do recommend measuring to get a good fit for your hand if you aren’t use to this type of tool. Once I’m use to using it I imagine I can get either a longer or shorter one. Shipped quickly.

Carpal tunnel and Arthritis help.

Fun little fidget toy. Has helped with my hand exercises for Carpal tunnel and Arthritis.