Knuckleroller Finger Toy | Skill or Fidget Toy for Fingers

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The knuckleroller is our most discreet toy that helps in releasing stress and improving finger coordination.

Why should I play with this?

  • Great for developing finger mobility and dexterity which helps for improving in all type of musical instruments from guitar, piano, flute, etc.
  • Similar to an instrument it promotes blood circulation to the fingertips which might be beneficial for people with RSI (Repetitive strain injury), arthritis and carpal tunnel.
  • Roll it on your palm for a massage or to relax into the present moment.
  • Very “grippy”  and discreet since when dropped makes no sound.

We make all knucklerollers by hand using paracord and steel balls. We offer a wide arrange of colors to suit your personality. You’ll be amazed in how quickly you develop flexibility in your fingers! Many also find this toy to be stress-relieving.

Though there are many tricks you can learn to start simply grab between any two fingers and pass it around.



    • Each knuckleroller weighs around 0.90oz (25g) and measures 2.5 inches (6.35cm).
    • The steel ball used for each end is made of chrome steel.
    • We do our best to show the colors as faithful as they are but note that different monitors might affect the colors. If we run out of the specific color you choose we might exchange the paracord to a similar color.


May it bring you joy and playful moments.


Check out our tutorials playlist on our YouTube channel to learn specific tricks! Don't forget to improvise your own though.

If you're unsure if this is the toy for you head on to our Toy Guide for more information.

Customer Reviews

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Will Barnes
Keep Calm and Skill On!

Great knuckleroller to help with anxiety and learn a new skill. Definitely helps you get better, very grippy and enjoyable! Got to me really quickly and overall great experience.

Great size

The colors are cute. The size fits well between fingers and the shipping was very quick.

Great toy for recovering finger dexterity!

Around 10 years ago I damaged my radial nerve and developed radial nerve paralysis as a result. After a year of therapy I regained some movement in my hand, but it was never quite the same. I stopped doing many things I enjoyed, like playing guitar and playing competitive videogames, because my left hand was weak, slow, shaky, and clumsy.
One day I stumbled upon Bonsai and Cacti on a mall and bought a couple of knucklerollers out of curiosity. At first it was frustrating. I kept dropping it, moving it from finger to finger sometimes took a minute, but it was hard to stay mad at the knuckleroller because it's just a cute little toy, and it was so satisfying when I could pull it off. So I kept at it. While studying, working, walking, laying in bed, I kept rolling.
Fast forward a couple of months, my hand feels great. It doesn't tremble as much, it stopped feeling heavy, the soreness is gone, and it's almost as fast my right hand! I had almost completely given up hope on my left hand until I came across this toy.
Now I refuse to live without it. I have like 7 lying around the house. (They get lost easily so I recommend buying a few!)
This isn't medical advice by any means, but if you want to develop finger dexterity after suffering from nerve damage, this works miracles.
Customer service is also excellent! They're very friendly and responsive. The freebies are great (I have many origami lying around my room despite never having made one). And most importantly, you can feel the love with which these toys were made.
"5 stars" is at least a million stars short of what this product deserves.

Rough material fun to play

Came quickly and is the perfect size to fit in a pocket! It's a lot of fun to play with and is quiet if falls on a table or tile. A bit rough because of the material and knotting, so be careful!

Cool little fidget

Cool little fidget edc. Well made.